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I have a new pc with a Crucial 60gb ssd. Below aretes results or ths rive and I would appreciate comments on the significance of these results. Is my drive ok or not . Thank you

Test results for Crucial SSD using Crystal test programmes

Crystal Disk Mark 3.01
HD check C:50% [30/60gb]

Read Write

209.1mb/s 69.03mb/s
194.3 50.11
17.82 4.688
26.20 4.944

Crystal Disk Mark x64
1000mb C:50% [30/60gb]

Read mb/s Write mb/s

208.3 69.80
190.5 59.04
18.11 4.856
26.53 4.726

Crystal Disk info 5
Good Blue 97%


power on hours 91 days 10 hours
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  1. The speeds are OK for an SSD, since you don't list the model, no way to know what they should be exactly, or exactly what test you ran. Is there an issue with the drive? Or are you just asking about the speeds?
  2. I would be more interested in your SATA port setup.

    After all the reads do look "low(about 50 megabytes/sec low)" but the write speeds are just a bit low.

    If you are using SATA2(3 gigabit, while rated for 300 megabytes/sec just does not reach it[250 for most]. AND different controllers perform differently) this seems almost right.

    Full specs please.
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