Oxcoooooof but istallation disc doesnt work

Hi I have a asus x51l and recently it's been playing up so I decided to wipe it and start again not sure if I pressed the wrong option when I put the disc in but now I have a error message and can't get passed this screen.
The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computer checksum. From here i can alt control del and it takes me to the boot manager but only if I take the recovery disc out. Here it tells mandybloomfield@hotmail.co.uk to insert the disc and restart computer but every time I do I get the file header checksum message. I'm going round in circles please help. I'm not great on computer but can follow instructions :)
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  1. Could be a bad disk, see if it will boot on another computer (but don't actually start the recovery). If it does not work in there either, contact ASUS to get a replacement disk.
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