Effects of a Microwave on a computer

Not sure where to put this, but does anyone know if there are any ill effects of running a microwave oven near a computer? (within 3 feet or so of the box, but further away from the monitor)
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  1. Could interfere with wireless adapter or wireless router -- look out for dropping connections.
  2. And if I had a wired connection? Would you say it was worth at least a quick test on an old computer and that I most likely wouldn't have any damage or interference otherwise? (Also with a wired mouse and keyboard.)
  3. If you consider the short duration of the average Microwave cooking event (or Nuke-ing It as we say here) it's probably not an issue with wired connections -- and the computer case is designed to contain electronic radiation so may be proof against leakage inward.

    I think I'd worry about a flatscreen monitor because they DON'T produce much interference, so perhaps are not so proofed against it.

    An experiment with a disposable computer would be highly worthwhile given that people are living in tiny apartments in cities these days with inevitable proximity between computer and kitchen gear.

    Report your results on the forum.
  4. I'll do it tonight or tomorrow and put some posts up.

    I have a theoretical project I most likely won't do, but it may happen. There is a computer resale warehouse in town and you can get server racks for cheap. A full size one will run $100-$200, and I can get a small one for $50. I can get a generic ATX rack mount, and modify a microwave to be rack mountable as well. I would fill the rest of it with drawers, which I could use, though I know I had something else in mind at one point that I can't think of.

    This is all dependent upon extra money and time, but it the only real point is that it would be cool/interesting, especially in my cave of a study in the basement.
  5. Rather than spend much money I'd look for a hopelessly old but functioning computer, preferably a laptop. Any domestic microwave will do. See if you can replicate a likely real-life position for the computer and microwave as it might be in a tiny apartment (somehow rack-mount doesn't quite spring to mind as typical!).
  6. To clear up some confusion, what I mean is that I ultimately plan to rack mount a microwave, just for coolness sake. Before I do such, I wish to ensure that I don't fry my computer doing it. I plan tonight on just running a microwave next to an old computer I have that is taking up space and looking for negative results. If the computer runs well, I am one step closer to being convinced that rack-mounting a microwave is a good idea.
  7. Is that coolness as in temp, or coolness as in "cool!".

    I must say I like the idea of rack-mounting everything. 30 years ago there was a fad for putting rackmount slots and handles on the front fascia of hifi components Most of the units were actually well short of studio-quality sound but it looked cool (until it got silly when rubbish brands were doing it on models too small to fit a rack).

    Now, can I find a cat litter tray that can be rackmounted ?
  8. As in the Cool! type. I figure I can find a bulkier looking microwave that looks sort of industrial that would fit well with it.
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