How to get a hdd disk to spin without connecting to a ATX

hello, i have a 20gb dead hdd at home and i am wondering if there was a way to get the disk to spin without connecting it to a ATX for example connecting wires from a PP9 9 volt battery to power the motor. On a random investigation just connecting the wires to the motor isnt enough.

so please help me. My boredom will get worse!
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  1. I take this is an IDE drive.

    Run it off any spare computer power supply which has standard (Molex ?) hard drive power sockts. Short out pins 13 and 14 on the 24 pin psu to motherboard connector (that's the same as activating the motherboard via the case switch).

    The alternative is another source of 12volt dc and 5volt dc to the Molex power connector on the harddrive

    5volts to the power pin nearest to the IDE connector 12 volts dc to the power pin furthest away. the two centre pins are negative.

    That will get the hard drive spinning. Just make sure you are confident what you are doing before connecting anything up.. .......
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