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I have recently bought a Samsung Monitor with built in TV-Tuner ( The idea is I can use it for my computer, and switch to TV when things load etc.

The problem is that when I switch sources (computer DVI -> TV HDMI), when I come back to the computer, the monitor goes to sleep mode, and it doesn't wake back up. I know the computer is working fine, because I can still hear windows on the loudspeakers. The only solution is to re-boot, waking the monitor up.

I'm currently using an ATI X800XL. I had the same problem on my 4870 (I had to RMA the 4870, if you want to know why I'm using the x800).

A friend of mine told me he's had the same problem.

Is this something common? Will using VGA or HDMI rather than DVI fix this problem? I don't have the cables, so I can't really test... Or is this a graphic card problem, it switching off it's output when it detects no monitor, and not waking back up?

Any thoughts?
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  1. Update your BIOS to the latest version. Check for a specific BIOS version that 'fixes' the sleep mode problem. You MB's BIOS controls the system sleep function, not the OS alone. Post a message on the forum page associated with your MB's product page asking if there is a BIOS revision that fixes the sleep issue. List system specs for further help. Your OS is not even mentioned?
  2. The MB's BIOS is the latest to date. I had to update it to support the processor.

    It's the monitor that is asleep though, not the computer, so I'm wasn't sure all the specs were necessary:

    CPU: AMD 9950 Black Edition
    MotherBoard: GygaBite GI-GA-MA790FX-DS4
    GPU: ATI X800XL & HD48070
    OS: Vista Business-up-to-date

    I'm using business because my job got me a free version. Everything is up to date, except maybe the GPU BIOS.
  3. There have been loads of issues with Vista 'sleep' not working right. It's possible Gigadud has not offered a fix for your BIOS. You can look in BIOS and try S3 (susoend 3) if default does not already put ti there. Ther are also some adjustment under Control Panel> Power on Vista. I'll try and find some links to Vista and the 'sleep' issue. basically it's up to your MB Mfg. to fix it with a BIOS revision addressing the situation.
  4. I don't get it, the computer isn't in sleep mode. I can hear it: When I press buttons, the OS beeps, and when I press the play key on my key board, foobar plays.

    How can my computer be in S3?
    If what you are saying is indeed correct, it would be quite weird.
    You are saying the motherboard is sending the sleep S3 signal when it is in fact not asleep? How does the motherboard even know that the monitor changed sources? I remind you I can get a clear picture on my monitor until I change sources, and then when I return, the monitor (not the computer) goes to sleep.

    If you are right, then I'm sorry for doubting you, it's just that your solution seems a little strange, given the problem...
  5. Well, I had the 'exact' problem you mentioned. Using Vista 64, I would tough my mouse to come out of sleep. The system would power up, but the monitor refused to power on (come from sleep). I got the BIOS update that addressed the 'Vista sleep' issue. Fixed.
  6. Rereading you first post, I see you are using an ATI 800XL. I also have a 40" Samsung 1080i hooked up by way of HDMI. I don't know your situation, but some video cards are 'sensitive' to being subjected to HDMI. For example my system refuses to let me adjust the desktop (screen) using my 8800GTS 640. Something to do with the 8800 series and HDMI @ resolution x. But the 9x series Nvidia cards have addressed that issue and my 9600GT works perfect, no problem. So, every system is different in it's own little way.
  7. Thanx for your help, I'll try what you said, but I have my doubts, since my system never sleeps to begin with, it's always on.
  8. I may have misunderstood. You are not trying to come out of 'sleep' mode. When you switch fro DVI>HDMI, the monitor will 'sleep' and not come out of sleep?
  9. I don't think you can hook up both the DVI cable and the HDMI cable to monitor simultaneously from the same video card. One or the other.
  10. When I change sources on my monitor, to go from watching computer to watching TV, it works fine. But when I go back to the computer input, the the monitor goes to sleep, and I can't wake it. The whole time, the computer stays on. I go to TV for like 10 seconds, so the computer doesn't have time to go to sleep or anything.

    The computer signal is mapped to DVI, while the TV signal is HDMI.
  11. Ok. I my 9600GT hooked to my 40" Samsung 1080i via HDMI cable. I can watch my satellite TV via satellite box. I can switch the TV to HDMI signal, I can view my computer. But...I can not have the DVI connector AND the DVI connector connected from the video card to the TV's inputs simultaneously. The monitor is blank whhen I try to access DVI or HDMI on the TV. Only the satellite transmission of TV programing works. It's one or the other from the video card, HDMI OR DVI, but not both.
  12. I can not have my DVI cable and my HDMI cable connected to the TV simultaneously. I can not edit my messages currently. Trying to clear up the mistake in the above post.
  13. Was there any conclusion on the root cause of this problem ? I'm having kind of the same problem with my Samsung T260HD (monitor goes to sleep when I boot up using Vista). I applied the latest BIOS updates, graphic card updates, etc., played with the sleep and power saving settings in vista and the BIOS, but nothing seems to fix my problem. It all works perfectly when I connect the PC using the HDMI connector (with a convertor plug in the DVI port of my PC), but it doesn't when I use the DVI connector.

    My system:
    -Dell Studio XPS435
    - Radeon 4800
    - Vista 64 bit

    Tx a lot !
  14. Actually, little after these posts, I had a major hardware fault (Graphics card completely fried, PSU damaged, mobo damaged).

    I rebuilt the computer with brand new parts, and a different mobo, and this time, I stuck to XP. I haven't had the problem again.

    If I do have 1 idea though, if yo go to microsoft updates, there is a hardware update for your monitor. Maybe it can help?
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