cpu_fan and sys_fan not able to power 120mm hsf? help!

I just installed my OCZ Vendetta 2. The fan that came with it wont spin when connected to the cpu_fan or sys_fan on the motherboard. I tried the intel stock fan and it worked. So I connected the fan on the Vendetta2 via molex. Worked. What could be the problem?

ALso I dont think it made that much of a difference when using stock and the Vendetta2 w/ OCZ Freeze.

Speed fan gives me:

COre 0 : 37
Core 1: 37
COre 2: 30
Core 3: 31

Im not sure what were the values before but I was hoping/expecting 20ish deg. C. ahaha..

Running Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz.

Im really worried about the cpu_fan and sys_fan not being able to power the 120mm fan that came with the Vendetta..
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  1. OCZ Vendetta 3 pin connector is defective.
  2. Also could be the OCZ fan does not get enough direct 12v power through the MB headers, but the intel fan does. When you give the OCZ fan direct 12v current from the PSU (via direct four pin PSU lead) it spins.
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