Where Can I Buy A Good Desk/Chair For Gaming

I am tired of my old desk messing up my neck and I need a new one. Can anyone recommend a computer desk they have had experience with that is good and a chair hats good for gaming. I don't want any of those really expensive desks and chairs but can anyone recommend a generic one that is good. Also, a website that sells stuff like gaming desks or chairs would be appreciated. Any comments are appreciated.

-Computer n00b
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  1. Office Depot has some good desks, and for chairs www.gamerchairs.com They have a chair that has a built in surround sound system!
  2. If you have one close, Office Liquidators is where I got my 2 chairs (2 PC's). I can't remenber the name/model, but I can get 'em if you want them.

    They sell new or used office furniture, in COlorado. Online?
  3. How Can up pass up an online store that says www.gamerchairs.com! With Build In surround Speakers!
  4. ^+1! True dat!
  5. For a desk i recommend Ikea which sells a solid steel model that's affordable.
    I think it's called a Frederick.
    I have an older model and it will probably last a lifetime.
    I haved moved 3 times with it no problems try doing that with a particle board desk once i guarantee you'll have damage and i hate those cam lock things.
    For a chair i would recommend you shop for them in person.
    I'm a taller person and alot of chairs aren't designed for tall people.
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