DVD fails xp boot up


I've just built my first computer and everything is going fine apart from my DVD drive is causing me a lot of hassle.

My system is
sempron 2800
ASrock upgrade 1689 MOBO
512 DDR 400 Elixir Ram
Seagate HDD
Sony CRX 140E (i think) CD RW
Hitachi Gd 5000 DVD Rom (The problem)

THE PROBLEM : When booting up normally windows xp (professional SP1) it gets to the splash screen and then goes black and the computer hangs - can't use ctrl alt del, keyboard won't change caps lock etc... have to use reset.

HOWEVER : The DVD does work under xp SP1 - i had an old P3 500 with the same hard drive and CD RW above and that all ran fine. I actually used the DVD rom to install XP onto this machine. The BIOS does recognise it. I can boot up into safe mode fine without any problems and windows does recognise the drive correctly. I have tried flashing the drive with the latest firmware. I have tried the drive on every IDE position with jumpers set as master slave and cable select.

Any ideas as to why it won't load up in xp normally
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  1. have you tried starting without the drive hooked up at all to see if the problem goes away?
    It may be something else thats doing it.
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