Sony VGN FZ21e battery problem

Hi my sony laptop is having some battery problems, basically I am only getting around 5-10mins of life from my two batteries. One of them is the origianl battery that came with it and the other is one extra one I had bought, also original from Sony. Before I buy another one I'd like to know if the problem might be from another source apart from the batteries themselves, such as the laptop having some problem which prevents the batteries from really charging up.

When inserted and left in the laptop the battery says 100% fully charged, but this goes down at an alarming rate when power is disconnected. I mostly leave my laptop on power as I dont move around with it much, and I recently heard that it is important to leave the laptop on battery so that the battery gets a chance to discharge through use then charge up again. I've not given it much occasion to do so so this could also have killed my battery, if this advice is true.

Your views are appreciated
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  1. any help on this please?
  2. Hi,

    We've had the same problem with our Vaio FZ21E. Basically, you need to unplug the laptop and let it run on battery power pretty much all the time to keep the battery in healthy condition. If you leave the laptop on mains power, the battery will eventually lose charge and will not regain full capacity. So.... you need a new battery. Make sure you run the laptop off the battery unless you are charging it and you should be fine.

    It would be nice if Sony TOLD you this in NICE BIG LETTERS in the manual. Or when you log in. But they don't.
  3. i have one too. But for me i thing it due to the high temperature under which it works. i realized that my processor is most of time over heated. i wonder if it a comon problem for sony lap tops
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