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XP Pro
Amd 1.3Ghz
512mb Ram
Geforce 3
Soundblaster Live

I have just installed XP.

On some webpages i am being told i need Java to view Properly.

So i click on the get Java Buttuon and get taken to a Microsoft page saying

"We're sorry. Automatic installation of Microsoft Virtual Machine is no longer provided for Microsoft Windows XP."

So what do i do?

Also i don't know if this is related'but sometimes when i clcik on a Link'the page i am on Freezes and goes White.I can't click on the X in the Top Right and if i Right Click on the Window in the Toolbar it won't open the menu to let me close it?

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  1. Use this instead of the Microsoft version of the JVM:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Sun Java Plugin for Windows</A>


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  2. Yea had same problem on a bootlegged version of XP. LOL! Windows update wouldn't work for [-peep-] either, but I reinstalled and generated a new key and life is good again. I think it was microsoft trying to get me to finally pay by not allowing updates, fair enough but futile.

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  3. Thanx Toejam

    Worked a treat.
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