Upgrade trial m/s office home and student to m/s office pro 2007

Do I need to uninstall trial version of M/S Office Home and Student, (expired term) to install, from the CD, my M/S Office Professional 2007 ?

It was installed on my desktop, that has since crashed, and is only running XP Pro right now, originally licensed on that computer.

I bought my wife a laptop to use, and she now prefers it, running Windows 7.
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  1. And, if there is a better place on this forum to ask the question, please let me know.
  2. Yes you need to uninstall the trial first.
  3. As it turned out, because the laptop is fairly new, and we had the other stuff backed up, I shoved in the disc from the Office Pro 2007, and followed the screen prompts to install it. It did a clean install over the trial version, if that is the correct phrase, all the stuff that my wife had created, was now accessible and usable. (When the trial expired, the documents were not usable, M/S reduced functionality.) Just took a chance, and it turned out ok, for this rookie.
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