Need some help choosing an HDMI cable!

I am buying my first home theater system. $1300 budget. Here some of the parts i have chosen so far...but i need some help choseing an HDMI cable. Also if there are any issues with what i have or something i am missing please let me know thanks!!!

Projector - Optoma HD65 1280 x 720 DLP Home Theater Projector 1600 Lumens 4000:1 - $700

Sound/DVD player - SONY DAV-HDX285 5.1-Channel Home Theater System - $250

Hdmi cable (at least 15ft) - (why is the price so different??) -$??

Screen - (One of these screens, but i am buying the screen later cause i want to see what size sceen i need first) -$230ish
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  1. Looks like a decent setup. Have fun!

    Concerning the price difference between cables, with the second one, you're paying for the Monster brand name. If other cheaper cables work, like the other one you selected, go with it.

    Some help with screen size can be found at Projector Central and their projection calculator. If you can measure the distance between where the projector will be mounted/where it sits and the wall it will project onto (throw distance), you can determine approximately what size image you will have.

    One other thing I'd ask is how far from the screen you intend to sit. If the image is large enough (and judging by the size of the screens you're looking at, it will be), you may notice a "screen door" effect.

    This image: is a fair example if you're not sure what I mean. It's the little black spaces between pixels. The closer you sit to the screen, the more noticeable it is.

    -Wolf sends
  2. The throw is going to be about 11ft and we will be sitting about the same distance away from the screen.... how close do you have to be to notice that screen door effect?
    so the cheaper cable will work fine? i dont want to get a bad HDMI cable that will limit the quality of the projection..... I have never used an HDMI cable before soo..
  3. My throw distance is about 18 feet and I sit about 15 feet away. I notice the screen door effect once I get within about 10 feet. Since your projector has the same resolution as mine, and with your throw distance being smaller, you probably won't notice it.

    The cheaper cable should work just fine (as the reviews show). Unfortunately, I'm currently using a 25' VGA cable (my projector is too old for HDMI), so I can't say for certain.

    -Wolf sends
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