What to do if dell xps M1530 stops during hard disk check

For the past few weeks, my dell xps M1530 has worked for a few minutes before all of the programs stop responding. I have tried to do a system restore, but all of the restore points I can see are from the time during this problem (i did i alot of program removal and installations because i thought it was a virus, a possibility that i am still looking into) and even when i did a system restore it failed. Early today, before everything stopped responding, I opened task manager and saw while it was open some type of scan came up which i stopped. I kept looking for solutions online and saw that i should check the hard disc so i checked the only one and while i was doing it (on step four of five) it slowed and stopped for over an hour and i then shut it off. My computer functioned fine until i restarted it for the disk check (meaning nothing stopped responding that time).

If any one has any advice or insight into what my problem is, please help me out. Even bad news is good news.

Thanks very much.
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  1. Does sound like the hard drive is suspect. Might be bad memory -- have you added a memory module lately ? And have you run AV and Malware tests ?
  2. I have not added a memory module lately but i did run the tests- they came up clean.

    I found that I was still under warranty with dell and I told them what was up today. They are sending me a new hard drive. I hope that was the problem. Thanks though. I do appreciate the help.
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