Cant get logitech s-220 speakers to work

I have just bought an Acer Aspire 6935G laptop, running Vista 32-bit, and a set of Logitech S-220 2.1 speakers.

I am able to get the two speakers to work, but only as rear speakers, rather than front speakers, so everything sounds weird. Plus the subwoofer isnt working. This is when I choose the 5.1 sound option.
The only sound options I have available are 'Built-in Speakers' and '5.1 Output'.....I reckon I need a 2.1 Output option to fix the problem...but I don't have the option....

I was able to install the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but when I try to install the AC97 drivers it keeps telling me it can't verify the publisher and wont let me install them.

The laptop only has two inputs which are pink and blue, but the speakers have pink and green wires.
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  1. Solved: I simply plugged the green wire into the headphone socket and hey presto! A very good set of speakers for the size and price....I highly recommend them XD
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