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I bought a computer with a Windows 7 OS and can't connect with my ISP. Windows 7 diagnostic says I need a user name and password from my ISP to establish a connection. My ISP offers no user name or password under it DHCP service. How do I get online??
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  1. My guess is this is a router set up problem. Go through the router set up wizard again.
  2. all the configuration is done in your service providers modem - all u need to do is set windows to DHCP and it will connect through the modem
  3. If you didn't change the modem or router, there shouldn't be a problem in connecting.

    are you trying to connect to the Web via wireless?
  4. Hi

    Is this a brand new PC or a second hand PC ?

    Has Router/modem connected to internet with other PC's ?

    (If second hand and previously used on a corporate network you may need to carry out a complete re install of Windows to remove lock down of Windows configuration)

    If you plug a network cable into network port on PC and into your Router Modem it will try and connect to the internet and after a short delay ask you for network location

    then PC will be ready to work on internet and will probably start downloading Microsoft updates for several hours
    (best to let this finish before browsing internet)

    (note most internet router modems (via telecom lines) need a user account name and password when first installed, though some are pre configured by ISP before delivery.)


    Mike Barnes
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