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I have this 24" 1080p monitor in my room with several inputs (DVI, component, composite, vga, etc.) and I would like to be able to watch TV on it. I was thinking of either using one of those TV converters, or using a VCR to get it on my monitor through RCA. Would these methods work? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. probably the easiest way to do it would be to get a DTV tuner (or yeah, maybe like a VCR or something with one built in but those are pretty hard to find nowadays)

    Something like this which runs in the $65-$100 range maybe?

    The last monitor I bought ( a Samsung 23 inch) has all the connections I might need (DVI, HDMI, VGA, Component etc.) plus a built in tuner so it has a coax input on it as well.....I didn't really think much about it when I bought it but in hindsight, it has been quite a bonus feature and has gotten quite a bit of use.
  2. looking at that tuner I linked to a bit closer it's not quite what you need but you get the idea.....
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