Laptop HDMI Output to HDTV: No Sound

I have an Acer laptop that has an HDMI output. I use a standard HDMI cable and connect my laptop to my HDTV (Panasonic HDTV). When i play movies either by playing a DVD disc or streaming via Netflix or Blockbuster, the picture always shows up fine but no sound comes out of the TV's speakers. I have 2 HDTVs (one a rear projection and an LCD HDTV); it behaves the same w/ both.

Why is this happening? What's the fix for this?
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  1. Hi mayno,

    You have to select the right audio output from your laptop. Go to Control panel -> Hardware and sound -> Sound

    Then you should set 'Digital Audio (S/PDIF)' as your output. You can test it to see if it works.

    Additionally, you may have to do the same thing in the video player that you use. You should go to the audio settings of the video player and change accordingly.
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