Auto focus doesn't work!!!

I have a Canon Rebel xsi that seems jammed up when I try to use auto focus. I was using my camera during a shoot and took a 5 minute break when I returned to shoot it wouldn't work. what can I do?
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  1. Hello I have the same problem..I was using my camera Canon Rebel 300D during a shoot and suddenly the auto focus doesn´t work!! I don´t understand it! I don´t know, what I have to do now, if I have to send my camera to the service station or what? Can you help me? What did you do with your camera?
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  2. I'd first have a look at the camera's menus and look for one that resets all settings to defaults.
  3. I tried it, but it isn´t better. :( I will cryyyyy :( ..I don´t know what to do :(...
  4. If it's out of warranty you'll have to find a dealer who can fix it. And pay them.

    It's a shame that digital cameras seem so fragile -- I still occasionally use a Leica 35mm camera that was made in 1958 and similar looking cheap Russian cameras from the same era that mostly work.
  5. I worked in a repair shop for 5 years. what i would do 1st is reset the camera to factory defaults(all slr's can do it) if that doesnt work i would remove the lens and see if the mirror looks locked. behind your main mirror you have a second smaller mirror that is the focus mirror if that is stuck you need to have it repaired, the warranty will cover it if it is under a year old. a repair shop will charge around 100 plus parts to replace a focus mirror
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