Dell dimension e521 will not boot

I have a Dell Dimension E521 and it will not boot to Dell Start up screen or windows. The power comes on, the power button is lit steady green and the fan runs but the screen is black and enters power save mode immediately. Wont let me run Boot menu or boot to CD to run diagnostics. there hard drive light on the front is flashing. Is this an issue with the motherboard or hard drive? or what else? help me please. im going insane.
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  1. The Dell screen will usually come on regardless unless there's an issue with the screen or video circuitry. Try another monitor. If that doesn't work try a new video card.
  2. +1 fihart

    Sounds like everything is working but the video. Check your physical connections first. Try to reseat the video card.

    Look @ the back of the computer and look at your diagnostic lights to see if they show anything out of the ordinary.
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