Can install XP but not Windows 7

The other day I got a virus and had to reinstall my OS. I have an oem disk so I didn't think it should be a problem. It would get to 4 or 5% done with expanding windows then blue screen. So I got two different disks from a friend that I know work because I used them on other machines. They both would give me a black screen and said something about an error that was like 0ex000009e0. So I tried a new dvd drive and still got the same errors. The really confusing part about all this is that I had an old scratched up XP disk from my old pc that installed just fine. Any ideas on what to do?
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  1. Hi

    If you are overclocking CPU or GPU or RAM remove overclocking

    Then I would recommend running software to test your RAM (built into Vista & 7 DVD)
    but I would use Memtest86+ or Memtest86 both available as an iso image ready to burn to CD (using ImgBurn)

    Then test the hard disk using the hard disk manufacturers diagnostic boot disk (again available as as iso CD image (or floppy disk image)

    Seagate's version will work on other brands but Hitachi & WD diagnostics only work on own brand.

    Note XP comes on a CD and Vista & 7 on DVD so DVD drive may be faulty but still read a CD

    finally 0ex000009e0 is probably 0x000009e0 most Windows BSOD's start ox

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
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