Possible to Add Audio to a HDMI cable?

Right now I have a 50foot HDMI cable running from my video card (Connected to a DVI>HDMI Adapter) running to my HDTV, and then I have a 50foot 3.5mm audio cable running from my standard audio out to a set of PC speakers I have by my TV. This is so I can use m PC on my HDTV, I have a bluetooth keyboard that controls it.

I am wondering if there is a way to route the sound from my Motherboard's sound output through the HDMI cable so that I do not need to run extra cables and I can just control the sound from the HDTV.

My Video card, (GTX260), just has DVI out, so no sound is able to run though it when it is directly connected to the HDMI cable, so I would need some sort of device or adapter that I can plug the video out (from my video card's DVI out) into intially, then also plug the audio out into, and then this device or adapter will combine the Audio (3.5m stereo) and Video (DVI) channels together, and output them together into a single HDMI cable which I can then connect to my TV.

I know that HDMI is all digital, and I think that my standard 3.5mm stereo sound output is analog, so I doubt that I can use that sound output in this setup.

However my motherboard has a S/PDIF Out port (Optical). I have never used it, but I think it can be used to output audio from my PC in a digital form? So if that is correct, then is there a way to combine from a Optical audio out and DVI out into a single HDMI cable?

Any ideas on how this could work work, or info that it is just not possible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. There is no way that I know of to take a DVI and an Optical Coax output and convert it to a single HDMI input without using some sort of media hub/input switcher which get sort of expensive.

    Something like this perhaps? (not a recommendation, just for reference)


    Of course you could just get a nice little surround sound set up with Digital Optical Coax inputs.....but then you would need a 50ft Optical Coax cable which would probably be sort of expensive.....maybe the switcher is the way to go but only if you think you will be satisfied with the sound quality of the TV speakers.
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