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I'm looking for new speakers for my PC in the range of $200-300...any recommendations? (Sound quality and clean sub)
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  1. z5500
  2. z5500 is good for power, but it won't fit for clean and good quality. Do you need surround, or would you be happy with 2.0/2.1? Also, what kind of music/content will you be using them for?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys.. I guess it doesn't matter so much for surround as it would be used in my bedroom at school mostly, but I'm just looking for my best option out there.. I like all music but a lot of hip hop
  4. I think cjl was trying to narrow this down, but the real question here is are you actually looking for quality music reproduction, or just speakers that sound good blasting music and movies?

    As you raise the 'quality' and start to get into studio monitor style speakers, many average users will feel the sound quality is dropping, as the reproduction gets more faithful (generally sounding much flatter than most people are used to).

    You will probably be perfectly happy with something like the Logitech Z-2300s.
  5. Well, for hip hop, the Z-2300 is a good choice, as spinny said. You won't find really good quality hip hop speakers in that price range, since clear, powerful, deep bass is hard to get for that price, but the Z-2300 does a pretty good job for what it is. I believe you can get the M-Audio Studiophile BX5a in that price range as well, which would be quite a bit clearer and better sound quality than the Z-2300, but not quite as loud or deep on the bass. They should still do a decent job for bass though - 5" cones aren't half bad.
  6. I'd say that the Z-2300's are the way to go. They are decent enough for music/ movie playing. The only problem is that the bass can be a bit muddy at higher levels but that is to be expected from PC speakers in that price range. Of course another option would be the Creative MegaWorks 250D-THX speakers for around $135 USD. Bottom line is that in the $200-$300 price range the speakers can go loud but don't expect flawless audio reproduction and low harmonic distortion.
  7. At that price range I would go for these Swan M200MkII from HiVi.

    You won't regret them one bit and the fidelity is so much better than Creative or Logitech it is like night and day. It doesn't have a sub-woofer but the only time I have really wanted one is watching Blue-Ray and wanting to feel that deep, deep rumble from effects. For music they are fantastic. You could always add an 8-10" subwoofer later if you really wanted the extra thump.
  8. Seriously, PC speakers by Logitech or similar companies are very decent if you're looking for a quick fix, but passive bookshelves + amp completely destroys any traces of computer speakers. I've owned 3 pairs of Logitech speakers, and my current setup, Energy RC-10 bookshelves + Onkyo integrated amp is leagues ahead. Of course, that combination isn't possible to get under a grand, so if budget takes precedence, I say go for Z-5500 for surround, and maybe a pair of Audioengine or M-Audio monitors for stereo.
  9. Bullheaded: Those are great speakers, but somewhat lacking on the bass for hip hop. They'll be miles ahead in clarity though.
  10. I have the Z-5500 as well as the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1. The Z-5500's are connected to my bedroom TV and the Klipsch are connected to my computer. I've connected the Z-5500's to my X-Fi front panel through optical to compare the two and for range and trueness of sound, the Klipsch absolutely blows the Logitech away. Klipsch no longer makes computer speakers but if you want the best, if you can find them, those are it.
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