I have just installed a fresh copy of Windows HOME with service pack 2 on a HP pavilion 752n and it does not have sound. I need a sound driver and hp website doesn't have it. I contacted them and they couldn't help me. I need one that is compatible with my pavilion 752n and I have searched but no luck. I don't have the recovery cds. Anyone have advice?
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  1. You may find what you need <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A> you have to register at DriverGuide to use the site and its free.

    Finding either the name of the soundcard or the name of the onboard sound chipset on the M/B will greatly help, theres probably 20 or so pages of drivers at the site so you'll have to do some looking, but start your search spelling out Hewlett Packard not HP, and it will take you to all the available HP drivers, Good Luck!

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  2. If you have the manual it might tell you the motherboards model, and then you can search in the mobo manufacturer's website for the driver.

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  3. It is likely to be one of the following manufacturers:


    If its a separate soundcard then its bound to be a Creative Audigy 2 since those are the only separate soundcards which HP use in their PCs.

    Surely HP should provide the neccesary drivers in the form of a recovery CD, check your packaging or otherwise call HP! www.driverguide.come is a good place for drivers

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