Kindle 2 or B&N Nook (If both are at 150$)

Ok I have been researching the nook for quite awhile. A friend just pointed out that on they are having a sell with the Kindle. They are the same price (Give or take 5-10$), and im not sure which one... I'm liking the nook better, but people still say its sluggish. Ive looked at some vids, and it looks pretty fast - there are a few slower features... I like that they added games, and internet browser.

So here is a compiled list for the Pros/Cons of each:


~Longer Battery
~Argubly a better ebook store

~No microSD to expand memory (Wats the point of having a music player if you hardly have any space?)
~Limited format ability
~No removable battery
~Browser is only grey and most pages come up as text
~No Wi-Fi
~Does not nativly support PDF
~No Games
~No touchscreen
~Less costimizing


~Supports most of the heavily used formats
~Natavly supports PDF
~Touchscreen is not the reading section so the text is clearer and sharper
~microSD slot for upgradability
~Wi-Fi AND 3G
~Browser (Full color and Grey-Will display images)
~You can change screensaver

~Sometimes Sluggish - Could be the break...
~Less battery time
~Heavier (Could be a con or a pro)
~Less Magazine and Newspaper coverage

Ok so im planning a trip down to the B&N store tomorrow and i hope to have a desision on it (So i could get it while its on sale on Woot - If i go that route). So maybe ill be in possetion of a nook tommorrow, but i would like anyone's opinion on this, and if you would like to add to the list i would be glad to have some help getting a more comprehensive list.

And i hope this is somewhat the right place to put this thread :lol:!

Thanks Ahead!!

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  1. :lol: Thanks for all that help out there :P. I have bought the nook and am now charging. I hope to write a detailed review of the nook after i have used it for a period of time :).
  2. 105 people read this, but they can't put down their own opinion? Just a little curious why that would be... Maybe no one has an opinion?? :)
  3. My wife has a nook and I thoroughly enjoy it. I didn't really compare it to the Kindle much.
  4. I would really like to know what you think of your Nook. I was thinking of buying one, but was concerned about the battery life and reports of it being sluggish.
  5. After a firmware update the Nook is significantly faster. The battery life is also excellent, with close to 7 days standby and over 48 hours of use. The lack of back lighting really helps battery life.
  6. :lol: Sorry, totally forgot to write a review on it. Yes, it is almost perfect. There are a few occasional glitches or sluggishness, but the majority has been ironed out.
  7. Hey, cmcghee358, how much reading time do you estimate you get on a charge? It seems to vary unit to unit...
  8. I'm not sure, I got it for the wife. So I haven't had a long session with it. And she's pretty anal about keeping it on the charger.
  9. haha so am I, I just seems to drain faster than most people. Might have gotton a defective battery, but it lasts long enough for me :).
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