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Hello,what would be the best setting for number of pixels on the camera for putting photos onto our website?. The manual says quality mode o3M 640x480.
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  1. For things like Facebook it's sensible to keep file sized under 100kb -- and quality can be quite acceptable in 25k. You can get the camera to reduce quality or you can resize shots in Windows Paint and also alter the JPEG file size by quality in Photoshop.
  2. Thanks for that fihart. But how does that kb translate into pixel setting, as advised by the S5500 manual? Also it's for our own website, so perhaps allowed to be a bit bigger?
  3. No idea about kb versus pixels. Do some experiments and see what file sizes result when you change resolution in the camera.

    The file size will affect the speed of operation of the site, especially to anyone with a slow connection so keep them down.
  4. 3M of 640x480 mean that the camera's maximum quality is 3 Mega bytes at 640x480 pixels depending on the image taken, more colors means more file size of the image. An identical photo of the same image size, higher file size (kb) means more vibrant and less hard edges. A high quality 640X480 is around 300 Kb or more, Medium quality is around 65 Kb and low quality usually max at 50 Kb.
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