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Hi guys,
I see there are 2 deals out there today that I am ready and willing to get but not sure which is a better deal.
On one hand there is a 37 inch Vizio VA370M for 459 + free shipping + tax + warranty for and additional 30, totaling $520 through Dell.
And on the other hand is 42 inch Sharp LC-42SB45UT for 549 + free shipping + tax + no additional warranty but could be added for $50, totaling $581.
I mainly do alot of gaming and some movies. I am not thinking of using it as a computer monitor. I know its not that big of a price difference but does the additional 5 inches make it THAT much more while?
Please let me know what u think ASAP
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  1. Depends on how far away you intend to sit from the screen. I'd say anything less than 12 feet and you could get away with the 37" Vizio, but that's just me. I get the feeling time is of the essence, but if you can, head to a local store and compare the two sizes from the distance you'd be sitting from them.

    -Wolf sends
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