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I'm looking for a cheap 5.1 set up for my PC. I don't need a powerful one as I will be buying a reasonable one for my consoles and DVDs in the future. The reason I want to get one just for my PC is that it is in the corner of my room. So to just buy a good 5.1 and put the speakers in each corner of my room would mean that I would be right by the front left speaker and that would reduce the 5.1 effect.

So I just want a cheap 5.1 for my PC so I can set the speakers up for my position when setting at my desk. After quickly searching around I have found that alot of people recommend the Logitech X 540 for its price range. So I wanted to know;

1, Does anyone know of set that would cost less then £60 that would be better?

2, I don't think it has an optical input. I have the SupremeFX II sound card (Came with my Asus Maximus Formula motherboard). Is there a way to get true 5.1 with these items?
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  1. When your soundcard (SupremeFX II) is connected using analog connections to the X-540 it will support true 5.1 only if your source is true 5.1.

    Some old DVD movies that are not coded with multi-channel only have stereo sound. When you convert the stereo sound to 5.1 through your PC then is it not true 5.1 anymore.

    Digital connection is capable of carrying up to 7.1 but it does not mean it’s always carry multi-channel signal; it is only a form of transport to move the signal from A to B. The analog connection requires more wires only if hardware and application is supported by it.

    One way to know if you are getting true 5.1 on the X-540 speakers is that you need to turn the matrix switch off from the X-540 and use 6 channels direct on your PC.
  2. Ok thanks for that. Has anyone used the Logitech X 540 and can comment on how good it sounds?
  3. I have the X-530 and it's not bad, It doesn't sound like a mini hifi system but it's good enough for most application. On the X540; Logitech added a swicth called matrix, it takes stereo sound a convert it to sorround sound. Check the button on the right on the control unit. HERE

    There are better active sounding speakers at the price of the X-540 but it's only 2 speakers and a sub.

    The Creative speakers sounds brighter than the Logitech but the sub sounds louder on Logitech speakers than Creative.
  4. I went for the X 540 in the end. Thanks for your help. I find that the bass is fine on it. I do feel as though there is something missing in the sound but that might just be me.
  5. Dark Comet said:
    ... I do feel as though there is something missing in the sound but that might just be me.

    No, that was Logitech.

    Their speakers are not as crisp as Creative.

    The best combo for multimedia to put together would be a sub from Logitech and sat from harman/kardon.
  6. Or a sub from SVS or Velodyne and sats from B&W...

    (yes, I realize that's WAY out of what most people here would even remotely consider a decent budget, but still...)
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