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ok, so new poster, but experienced in electronics.

ok, so i have a 22" samsung lcd 1080p hd monitor that i use for my computer, with a dvi and a standard vga port on the back, and the max resolution is 1920x1080.

i wanted to be able to use my dvd player (lg 1080p up-scaling home theater) to watch movies on my monitor. knowing that the dvd player only has an hdmi port, and blue, green and pink component cables to play hd video, i went out and purchased an hdmi to dvi adapter (hdmi-male to dvi-female).

so when i use the dvi cable to connect my monitor to the dvd player (through the adapter) my monitor says that the resolution needs to be something like 1920x1200.

is there any way to switch the resolution output on the dvd player to just 1920x1080? any info on the problem would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance!
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  1. sorry, when i connect the dvd player to the monitor, its says that optimum viewing is 1920x1080. does that mean that my dvd player is trying to force the resolution to 1920x1200, and my monitor just can't support it?
  2. Not sure why you get that message. The output of a upscaling DVD player should be 1080p, which your monitor supports.

    Check to ensure what format your DVD player is outputting, it should be set to 1080p and then secondly, check to ensure that your monitor is not performing any sort of scaling on the HDMI input, you should be able to select "just scan" or similar to allow the monitor to display the full, unmodified, source image.
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