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It used to work fine, then i plugged it into my friends lap top and the screen lit up but was just the blue screen with a black bar across it. I'm guessing it gave my mps a virus. None of the buttons worked, I couldn't turn it off and it didn't turn itself off untill it ran out of power. When I got home and it had run out of power I plugged it into my computer and it says my hardwear might not be properly loaded for it causing it not to work, but it came with no hardwear and worked fine,it wont charge or show up on my computer, and a box comes up saying 'found new hardware MTP device' It never did this before and I really need a was of fixing it! Thanks so much if you can find a solution!
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  1. I had the same problem with my NWZ-E436F and I saw it didn't do anything so I pressed the reset button on the back of it and it worked again, did you try that?
  2. mp3 renamed my songs to thier original name!!!?!?all 1294
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