How to transfer data from dead desktop to new laptop

Hi, My desktop dies after 6 years and I want to transfer data from old hard drive to new laptop. What do I need to buy. What is the cable called and can I use and buy a enclosure.

Thanks for any help in advance

PJP :sweat:
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  1. You can get a USB enclosure that would do the job. It all depends on the type of drive you have as to what enclosure you would need. You need to get the enclosure depending on what connector your drive used in the desktop so that would be IDE or SATA. Find that out before you get one.
  2. The easiest thing is to get an external enclosure. This one is an IDE to USB enclosure, I don't know if your drive is SATA or IDE, but get one that matches.
  3. How do I know which one. It has 4 pins set aside the others
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