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I bought a new WD 160GB SATA drive and put it in my computer along with 120 Ide drive.I copy all the files over and set it up using Western Digital date tools. I pulled 120 Ide drive as Im going to put it in external case.Now the problem,C drive is showing drv3_vol(c)
drive D IS SHOWING DRV1 VOL3(J) AND E DRIVE IS DRV2_VOL2 (J)The question is how can this be changed?
MY system is Asus P4P800 Deluxe Win XP pro Thanks to all
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  1. Just change it in disk management as wusy said. It will tell you that after the change some programs may not work. That has never happened to me, after I change the drive letters everything works, but if windows says it there's always that risk.

    Nothing is as easy as it looks
  2. as long as you dont change the letter of a disk where you have software installled you will be fine.
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