Keyboard+mouse / left handed-games?

Hi. Well i never thought that I would actually want to invest in a better keyboard and mouse.

I do game however I am not an intense gamer in the sense I do not play online fps, just single mode campains. I like more rpg and rts games.


I could use an illuminated keyboard and well i really like the logitech illuminated keyboard. I currently use a micrsoft comfort curve one and i find it ok for gamin too and comfortable.


Well using the mouse in my left hand i guess the only options are razer mouses.

For the same price (here is Australia) there is,

1) – Razer Copperhead Mouse
2) – Razer Diamondback 3G

I dont know what the main difference is between the two. The diamondback buttons are a bit harder to reach from what i hav read. I think the copperhead is and older generation?

Is a mouse pad really nessary? Currently use my optical mouse on the surface of the desk.

Any advise is really appreciated. Im not in a hurry to get. Perhaps will get in couple of weeks time when get some cash. thanks
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  1. Check this reviews:

    OCZ Equalizer or Read here

    Razer Copperhead

    Logitech G5

    G5 and Copperhead Compared

    The buttons may be at the wrong side but unless you go with microsoft Laser 5000 or Laser 8000 no other uniform mouse that I've seen that can be use for gaming by lefty.

    I am a right handed person so I would chose one of the first three I mentioned above, My wife is a left handed person and she won't use any other mouse unless it has the same design and buttons like the microsoft.
  2. I feel your pain as a left-handed gamer. I remember the first time I played UT3 and found the switch weapon hand option... I am way better at headshots since being able to 'see' the gun on the same side as when I shoot in real life.

    I use a Logitech LX-8 and a cheap forgot the namebrand Rage FPS keyboard, both 'unisex' but they work well. I still get jealous when I pick up a buddy's 'made for right hand' gaming mouse and it feels awesome, well except for being in the wrong hand. Also you can count out any left-handed quality flight controls, I currently use a Saitek AV8R and Cyborg 3D with some homemade rudders I made from real rudder bars and an old broken joystick.

    If any other southpaws have any other solitions please share
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