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I bought dvd rw disc and trying to copy/burn to it but when it ask to format i click next and it says write protected and then nothing....anyone know how to overcome?
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  1. Is it the correct disk type for your drive, like +RW or -RW ? Or is your drive recent enough to use both types -- sometimes says on the front bezel or on label on the case (desktop-type drives).
  2. I know this is a very old post, but incase someone should come across it with the same problem as I just have. I found a solution. In my case anyway. If you have any virtual drives active on your system, Alcohol 120%, Deamon Tools, etc, any program that emulates a DC/DVD drive (for whatever purpose) this can somehow (have not got a clue how or why) interfere with the formating of disc's in your actual CD/DVD drive. In my case, instead of uninstalling the program responsible for the virtual drive (Alcohol 120%) as I came across in another forum, I simply disabled the virtual drive, and drive emulation from the menu on the left, then inserted the disc again, and the disc then formatted as should have been the case in the first instance. I hope this helps someone :) because it drove me nuts for over an hour, god bless forums. Karl.
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