PC keeps freezing

So i have a custom gaming pc i made my self, it has worked fine for about 2 years, recently i updated my mobo, psu, and cpu and i also got some ram, and about 2 months later my pc started freezing randomly during playing games or other common use. I found out the new ram i had got was dead, so i took it out and it worked fine no freezes for about a month, now it started freezing again, i got brand new ram today and installed it and it still freezes

Its pretty random, i can go a hour some times and others 5 min of playing a game of whatever

I think it might be a hdd issue, i have a ssd as my boot drive and a 1 tb drive for just steam and games, and a third hdd for programs, one of these might be an issue is there a way to check them to see if any problems, i defrag the 2 hdds every so often

Im pretty handy with computers but i can not figure this out

Any help would be nice, sorry if im in the wrong section, new here and just need some help.

Thank you

( here is a picture of specs and info, if you need any more just ask and ill tell you)

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  1. Says my ssd is at 100% health and will last 10 years
  2. Good news! If the HDDs pass Seatools next on the list is Graphics, but you'll need a spare GPU or onboard to rule that out of the equation...After that is the mobo, intermittent faults on that difficult to find. Is your system time ok? (reflects CMOS battery health)
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