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Hey gus above is the link of the snapshot of my system showing error while booting... I canot able to boot... Can anyone resolve this?
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  1. Are you trying to install, re-install Windows? If so, how?
    Quote '. Systems having a SLIC can be preactivated with an OEM product key, and they verify an XML formatted OEM certificate against the SLIC in the BIOS as a means of self-activating (see System Locked Preinstallation). If a user performs a fresh install of Windows, they will need to have possession of both the OEM key and the digital certificate for their SLIC in order to bypass activation; in practice this is extremely unlikely and hence the only real way this can be achieved is if the user performs a restore using a pre-customised image provided by the OEM'
  2. No, i'm not trying to re-install. I'm just trying to start my system. And even if i'm trying to format then also i'm getting the same.
  3. Try reinstall the windows using the Restore/backup partition...
    or using installation disk provided.........
  4. Best list your system specs, what you were doing last before it failed. I think you have a Dell, and if the Windows OS has failed you may have to restore to factory with the following steps
    If you have data you need to preserve there are methods you can use provided your HDD is operable.
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