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Problem with my LCD

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
a b C Monitor
December 28, 2008 5:10:17 PM

Hello, I have LG FLATRON W2242T LCD Widescreen 22" monitor.

I'm having some issues with it, and I woud like to know if it's normal or not.
First of all :

1. I have installed latest drivers for my monitor, and it's working on it's native resolution 1680 x 1050. Refresh rate is 60herz (maximum).

2. I have Radeon HD4870 with latest drivers.

Ok, the problem :

When monitor is off or is in standby mode (black screen/screensaver) for more then 20 minutes ( like during the night when I dont use it, or when I just dont use it for like hour or so and let it go to screensaver / black mode) - and when I then switch it ON or just move my mouse and get to Windows, I hear little whistleing ( It's not so loud , but I can hear it) for about 6-7 minutes (prox. 8 minutes) then it stops. Like it only does that when it changes from black to my Windows( other colors).

Another sound that I hear is much louder, but it happens when I get my brightness (of monitor) to less then 100 . But I heard that is problem of many monitors, so I'm just checking.

Main issue is that little whistleing for 6-7 minutes when I turn my monitor on.

So if someone woud be kind and say me if that's normal thing (It dosent bother me TOO much, i have warranty for 3 years anyway.). But I woud like to know. Main reason is that if that's not "so normal" maybe I shoud contact store where I did buy LCD and try to replace it (warranty is for 3 years).

Thank you very much!

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December 28, 2008 9:51:23 PM

Try to plug the monitor to other PC or laptop if the sound persist then it's your monitor. Try reseting to defualt.

If the sound disapear then it's your setup. If you have extra hard drive try reinstalling the operating system from the start and the drivers then upadtes. Then install the rest of the programs if the noise issue is gone.

If you don't have extra hard drive then try un-installing the ATI software then try to install just the driver and not the CCC.

The noise you discribe usally associated with the sync. Try other frequency of the monitor. 59Hz to 75Hz.
a b C Monitor
December 29, 2008 6:26:39 AM

Only fixed value od refresh rate is 60herz.

I will try to plug to other pc.

I have installed drivers mainly for that monitor (came with CD) and I have option to switch between :

1. LG W2242 (Digital) on ATI Radeon HD4800 series


2. (Default monitor) on ATI Radeon HD4800 series.

I can try to switch from display settings to 2. option...but I highly dobut it is drivers or that sort of issues.

Will do and report here.
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a b C Monitor
December 30, 2008 8:27:43 AM

Hey guys , I did switch this monitor to my old PC and :

- My old PC is very loud. It's hard to hear if is there any of those simptoms but as I did came closer to monitor it seems that there is simptom of whistleing sound for first 10 minutes when monitor is not working for some time.

It seems there is simptom of "switching from black to white background" too, I mean when it switches from mostly white backgrounds to dark ones, then I hear for 1-2 seconds that whisle sound that old CRT's used to make.

So any advices ? Shoud I do something more or just take it to shop and get a new one?
January 6, 2009 6:07:51 AM

It sounds like you have capacitor problem.

Have it fiximmediately if it still under warranty or have a technician check it.