Minolta s414

I have been reading some of the things said about this camera Iysed to get 26 to 30 pictures from a set of batteries. but about 4 months after i bought it this dropped to 5 pictures i have tried the best batteries and chargers i can find but no better results.
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  1. This is an older camera and power consumption tended not to be so good with models of that period.

    I note it takes AA batteries and this gives you a couple of options:

    NimH rechargeable batteries from a decent brand (Sanyo are well regarded and possibly also make Duracell's Japanese made products).

    Lithium non rechargeable batteries will give you the longest life-- but this is a very expensive solution.

    To save power, turn off flash until needed. If the camera has a viewfinder you may be able to compose with the viewing screen switched off.

    If you are in the habit of connecting the camera by USB to download picture, this drains power. Buy a USB card reader.
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