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Hello, I have an issue with my samsung led tv 55" with tuning channels replacing each other avoiding me to have the full list of channels available to my community via cable. i find the missing channels and tune in and then i find it replaced some channels from their same frequency
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  1. Digital channels - One frequency that may contain 8 channels might replace another frequency of what ever number it may contain as it doesnt make a differents how many they hold...i also deleted channels thinking it makes space but they are all located i the ALL channels list so really doesnt help aswell. i dont know what to do as some popular frequencies hold the most popular channels in sports and another frequency may hold lots of movie channels, so i have to retune the digital free view constantly and never have it like you can on a normal digi free view box
  2. i purchased sumsang laptop modal Sf510 on 8 jan 2011 from jaipur rajasthan and now i have problam in sound . sound not received in any songs or movies
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