Inspiron 530 Q8200, overclock? best chipset upgrade for existing mobo?

The following might sound a lil off on the grammar, sorry i was in a rush an copied this from another post i did an this in response to something but it tells all about my machine, an i basically want to know the best upgrades for it, mind you its running completely stock but i dont know the mobo that dell uses nor am that advanced to know what other processors in the Q line that might work with it, so i guess thats an answer id like to know to. I know this is some of the best places to go for advice an appreciate any input. Now on to the machine:

i have a q8200 that i run at stock speed that i bought from dell, its a 530 inspiron with 4 gb ddr2 800, 500 gb westdig, eva 9800 gt 1gb w/ this aftermarket ICE cooler (just a big fan), it had intergrated x3100 that i dealt with untill i could find a good priced 9800 an plus it kept the cost down, has the HD audio i think with 7.1, if anyone could answer that for me thatd be great too.

The thing runs everything at 1280x960 (21'' Trinitron CRT 4:3) flawlessly, an my hard drive isnt the best, its cluttered with shti everywhere an it runs everything ive thrown at it on high settings, i have no complaints, an thats not even overclocked! this is all at stock settings!! the most recent ive played on here are these: prison break conspiracy, bad company 2 (completed), mass effect 2 (completed), bioshock 2, dirt 2, codmw1 +2 (completed), shift, grid, ghostbusters (completed), an many others so as you can see ive played thru some of the most demanding games of recent without a hitch an thats without overclocking!! now ive read that its just to difficult an risky to try to mess with these q8200s, so im just thinking of, an oh yeah this is on Vista 64bit! garbage!!, putting on 7 an doubling the RAM, i think would help, but if you guys know a good way to overclock without having to buy anything im ears but to me, its all in the video card, as long as your video card can keep up with the data being thrown at it, process it an then outputing it off are equal, youll never be held up, thus running smooth. an 4 gbs of ram seem to be a healthy amount to have multiple programs running an stuff, but i see new machines with 8 gigs an i know 64 bit machines can take all the way up to 64 gigs plus, so what i did was alloted more memory for the paging, now thats another question does anyone know if thats a waste or its good cause alloted a lil more then what it recommended to do, it was like 65 gigs or 6.5 gigs, i dont remember.

But heres how it runs now, heres a scenario, i wanted to show off my cpu to my boy so i was playing codmw2 an paused the game, mind you i was in a mission to, alt tabd it an got up the desktop, then hit cntrl alt delt, brought up task manager an looked at the performance, an no lie dude this thing was only at 50-60 usage an running everything fine, like i mean fine by responsive nothing waiting on anything all doing there job, an i only have 1 hard drive doing all this!! an i only have 50 gigs free an i d/l movies like its my job lol. so its clutter fucked an ive never run a defragmenter on it an only started recently using windows essentials an ditched mcaffe after uninstalling it for free comcast nortons an hating what it did to my machine so figured id stick with windows own *** an it runs great an actually detects an gets rid of viruses, imagine that lol.

so since i typed like a child with no grammar, my point was my shits stock an the lowest Q you can buy, an with the right video card, an only one mind you, it runs awesome, just like xbox, an im interested in finding maybe a way to overclock but like i said i have no money to add cooling, psupplies, stuff like that.

-- Vista 64, Q8200, 4 gb ddr2 800, 500 gb wd, 9800 GT 1gb

pretty basic but i thought of the xbox when i wanted to buy so id know itd run the games i want to play. an also i paid $530 for the cpu delivered to my house brand new from dell outlet an no its not a refurb it was a unpaid purchase an no one ever got it so it sat an i got it, an then got the video card from newegg for 115, so total 645 for a stable, stout rig.

Also can i overclock my 9800 gt 1gb? does anyone know about the risks or is it worth it, just need a way in on that, an if my stock mobo can run any other Qs, my 8200 is the lowest you can get but can the mobo in the dell support higher Qs, maybe upgrade to a 2.66 or higher?? idk thats why im asking, lol. Thanks!!
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  1. Most Dell's don't have overclocking features included in their BIOS. As far as upgrading, you probably won't get a huge amount of performance gain. But I would assume that if the board supports the Q8200, it should also support a 9400,9550,9650. should check @ to make sure though.
  2. check with dell support to find out what type of mobo i have, an then go to that manufacturers site an check out the specs of what it can handle? see now id think the board could handle an other 95w Q series but im concerned about the front side bus maybe being conflicted or something. Ill have to look into it.

    An can i run ddr3 ram? im pretty sure this has ddr2 800, but could i run ddr2 1066 or ddr3 even?
  3. thank you wikipedia, alright heres the insert from there page about my cpu.

    "Released on June 26, 2007, the Dell Inspiron 530 is Dell's first desktop to use the Inspiron name. The Inspiron 530 has an Intel Celeron 450, and can be customized up to an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550. It has 2 GB of DDR2 SDRAM at 800 MHz, which can be upgraded up to 8 GB. The desktop has a 320 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA hard drive w/DataBurst Cache, which can be upgraded to 750 GB. There are also data recovery versions of the 320 and 500 GB hard drive sizes. The Inspiron 530 is customizable with a variety of DVD+/-RW and Blu-ray Disc drives. The Inspiron 530 has integrated Intel GMA 3100, and can be customized up to an ATI Radeon HD 4670 discrete grapics card. It has integrated 7.1 channel audio and can be customized up to a Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card. The Inspiron 520 has no initial Wi-Fi card, but can be customized up to a Dell 1505 Wireless-N PCI-e card. The Inspiron 530 has two variants of motherboards, both made by Foxconn and based on the G33M series. The G33M02 which supports up to Core 2 Duo processors and the DG33M03, which supports up to Core 2 Quad processors. Inspiron 530 systems sold with Pentium Dual-Core or Core 2 Duo processors can not be upgraded to Core 2 Quad processors without adding at least a 350W power supply and swapping motherboards to the DG33M03 motherboard. The reason the G33M02 doesn't support Core 2 Quad processors is because it only has 6 voltage regulator ICs, the DG33M03 has 11."

    so im assuming that i can run up to a Q9550, their obviously running all Qs on the same board, also using the same power supply an such. I guess ill look into the DG33M03, an what it can support.
  4. all the 95w Qs seem to have the same fsb so thats good, heres a listing of specs on Intel Q series
    but now im concerned about the cache, does it matter the size of it?
    this is the mobo site an it supports
    # Supports Intel® next generation 45nm Multi-Core processors , Socket T (LGA775)
    # 1333 / 1066 / 800 MHz (FSB)
    # Dual Channel DDR2 800 / 667 x 4 DIMMs, Max 8GB
    # 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
    # ATA x1, SATAII x 4
    # 7.1 channel HD Audio
    # GbE LAN
    # 12 x USB 2.0 ports

    so correct me if im wrong,
    -- ram can only be ddr2 at 800mhz's max at 4x2gbs max, im already at 4 so i dont really know if doubling would make to big of a difference.
    -- maybe another sata hard drive thats small to run my boot, an then games an multimedia on the big one, but i was also thinking to have my games on the boot drive too casue it wouldnt be as cluttered as the secondary (500 gb wd caviar) - boot drive im yet to get, itd be awesome to have a SSD as my boot, but there way to expensive. Opinions welcome on any of this post, please.
    -- now been browsing the Qs an the only other one that has all the same specs, 95w 1333 fsb is the Q8400 2.66 ghz. 333 ghz isnt much of a improvement, so i need to know if the cache matters cause if not then i can get the Q9650 3 ghz which would be almost a 1 ghz difference an all 4 cores thatd kick ass!!

    update: i think im in luck, while browsing the foxcon site i saw a download for a update, an it said.. let me look again ,.. update cpu microcode to support Q9450/c1, Q9550/c1, so im assuming that i can put a Q9550 on there! Nice! Q9550 2.83 12m cache, but now is it worth it, itd be 8mb more cache, an half a gig on the hertz. Itd be noticeable but my machine is pretty fast now but faster doesnt hurt, especially when its running like that at stock, no extra cooling needed or power, but it is 300 bucks. So is it worth it?? 300 bucks could do everything i said before, double the ram, get a seperate hard drive, maybe even a small SSD, or a new monitor but thats another story. So what do you think??
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