Comparison screen shots?

Hey I was wondering if any one knows where I can find resolution comparison screen shots of native resolutions.
I would like to see a comparison of

1680x1050 native vs 1920x1080 native
1680x1050 native vs 1920x1200 native (Obvisually the 1680x1050 has to be on a 22" and the other on a 24" or higher)

I would also like to know to go from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 are you looking at a huge fps decrease/ about how many fps are you loosing.
Does the first number 1920 decrease the fps over 1680 and also does the last number 1080 decrease the fps over 1050? Which numbers in this example give the greater fps decrease(the first or second numbers.)

Lastly which resolution 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 is better for PC gaming, mainly, using a ATI 4850, but also for pc viewing/internet, music, desktop, text , icon size.? taking into concederation 1680x1050 uses 16:10 and 1920x1080 uses 10:9, plus any other aspecs ive missed. I know 1920x1080 more definition usefull for movies and such BUT is it better for the uses listed above with a mid range graphics card such as the ATI 4850.

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  1. Just found out that a 16:10 ratio is used for the majority of pc monitors better for viewing webpages/documents/ playing games, and a 16:9 ratio monitor is usually brought for a enterainment/HTPC used for watching HD movies and HD related things.

    Is this all correct?, so therefore for to my first post i should go with a 16:10 ratio monitor therefore having a resolution in a 22" of 1680x1050? As the main use will be for the internet and games.
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