Why can\'t I play a DVD that I burned on my laptop in a DVD player?

I play a DVD that I burned on my laptop in a DVD player..any help please me
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  1. Well, I will only give you help to please you if you're female, otherwise you're on your own (anyway you turn it) ;-) Anyhoe, it might be that your dvd burner is worn out, or it might be that the media you use doesn't fare well with your dvd player. What you can do is:
    1. to try the dvd in a different dvd player.(a) If it works then the problem lies with your dvd player.(b)If it doesn't work the problem might be in your media. If that's the case, try a different brand of DVD and then try to play it back in your dvd players and repeat a+b.
    2. If that doesn't work, either I would suggest you try burning your DVD's with a different burner (and replace the one you have if possible) because your burner might have worn out.
  2. First some dvd players don't play burned dvds in general. The manual should say something about dvd+r, otherwise yours doesn't.
    Second: the dvd needs to be a proper video dvd. it will not work, if it's a data dvd, where the vidoe file is simple copied to the dvd. you burn software can help you with the right template for a video dvd.
  3. You need to Finalize the disc when burning to make it compatible with dvd appliances.
    As noidea_77 said, some dvd players do not play copied discs, this is because the dvd player expects a lead-in and lead-out track on the disc to correctly read the disc.
    And this track is not written/burned to the disc when you do not '"close" the disc for further writing later on. This is commonly known as a multi session disc.

    Also remember most DVD appliances are really "dumb" electronic devices without an operating system. And if it can't start to read the disc like it expects the disc, it will simply not do anything clever on it's own like your PC's dvd-ram/rw drive that has clever firmware loaded into it to go look for the first track.
  4. There are a number of reasons why this can happen. Firstly some DVD players do not like recordable DVD's or are fussy about them, try different brands of recordable DVD's the "+" type are recommended for this. Secondly some DVD players check the book type of the DVD and refuse to play if the book type is incorrect. Use image burn to change the book type to DVD ROM and burn the DVD. Thirdly don't forget to close the disk.
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