Can I convert component video to composite?

So I'm thinking of buying the Haupaugee HD PVR to record my Xbox 360 gameplay. It only has component out and I have a standard def TV... I've looked around online and found that a converter runs in the neighborhood of $200 and I'm not willing to spend that much on something like that. Is there a cheaper way to convert the component out cables to composite to that I can view it on my TV?
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  1. If you have a standard 480i/480p TV, you are better off buying a Dazzle or an Easy Cap. Not as nice as the Haupaugee, but unless you have an HDTV you aren't getting any value from it.

    Plus, you'll save some money on the capture card. With the right settings, you can still get a decent picture.
  2. I already have an ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link. Don't get me wrong, it's really nice. But I'm really anal about having great quality videos and stuff like that. It has to be good when I upload them to YouTube, and I've always wanted to record in HD.

    Thanks for the help though and clearing everything up. In the end, I might have to buy an HDTV that I can afford. Might be a ways down the road though. Thanks again.
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