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Ok, so about 2 weeks ago all the sudden i had my pc crash on me... When i booted up, it took FOREVER to load, then when i tried logging in it was on the welcome screen for about 45 Seconds. Then when it finally opened up it took another 5-10 minutes just loading(Went downstairs to eat). When it FINALLY was done it took FOREVER just to load IE8. When i tried going to any site it just took forever, i mean 30seconds-1 min slow. I have DSL! Before it crashed it was running about normal. Before this it has already been on the delcine even with all the software i use to keep it fast, but never this slow.

I know your first reaction is that i have a virus, checked that with 3 different scans, nothing. Then I used what the university uses for my dad's work (He was kind enough to loan me a copy for a day or two), called Symantec AntiVirus. Nothing. So your next reaction, a fragmentted Hard Drive, no i used window's defrag then went to use Smart Defrag. After that i tried all my small tricks:
1.) Ad-Aware
2.) Spyware Docter
3.) Windows Defender
4.) Symatec Antivirus
5.) Smart Defrag
6.) Windows Defrag
7.) CCleaner
8.) Glary Utilities (All of them)
9.) Auslogics Regisry Scanner
10.) Tweaknow Power Pack (All of it)
11.) MS Config (Startup/Services)
12.) Unistaller (Went through all the programs i didnt need)
13.) Restore Point (It failed for 3 different dates)

And I use Zone-Alarm so Im really hesitant on saying its a Virus (Who knows though)...

Now when i used all my programs it ran GREAT for about two weeks, and now its back to almost where it is. I really dont want to have to do ALL that every two weeks just to keep my computer barley usable. Im really considering re-installing Windows!

My Computer
OS: Windows XP Pro (Media Center
CPU: P4 3.2GHz
HDD Space: 1TB
Optical Drives: 2-One Burner, the other a Drive

Oh yes, and i remember see a 4.5 TB Partition that had 1250MB of free space and deleting thinking it wasnt anything needed.

Thanks Ahead! :hello:
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    My first reaction is that you didn't use event viewer to see the reason for the crash. Often the log can be cryptic, but at times it can be clear cut.

    I would have looked for software conflict first. Often software you run will all play happily together until one updates and the system throws a wobbly.

    Try to system restore your pc to a date prior to the crash and see if then your OS has stability again. If event manager names the offending file / process, try disabling it from start-up to see if it helps. Disable all unnecessary start-up items and re-enable one by one to pin point the problem by process of elimination.

    If you are able, an operating system reinstall isn't at all a bad thing. It helps to keep on top of system bloat and keeps the PC running at premium.
  2. Nothing but app hangs. I might really have to re-install windows! :(
  3. Opps not a TB, a GB for the Partition :).
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