Major Half-Life Issues: Anybody here help me?

This is the error message I keep getting when I try to play ANY Half-Life mod online (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic, TF1.5, Wasteland Half-Life, etc.)

I contacted both Valve and Sierra, but sadly they have no real tech support (i.e. - they were too lazy to research into this and give me a helpful answer). I know its not my ISP, as I can play any other online game fine with no laggy or choppy or stopping issues like Half-Life is giving me. This didn't start happening till I installed the latest Half-Life patch. I have all the latest video card, motherboard and sound card drivers as well as directX 8.1 installed on my PC. If you need further System Specs, I am putting them below. Please help. Thank you.

System Specs:

-Asus A7V266 266 MHz FSB Mobo (with latest 4 in 1 drivers)
-1.4 GHz AMD Thunderbird CPU
-768 MB PC 2100 DDR RAM
-Gainward GEFORCE3 64 MB DDR VIVO & DVI (with latest DetonatorXP 23.11 drivers)
-Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum EX Sound Card (with latest drivers)
-2 Western Digital 40 GB 7200 RPM ATA100 HD's
-3com 10/100 NIC (with latest drivers)
-16x10x40 Sony CD-R/W
-52x Sony CD-ROM Drive
-Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard/Mouse
-Altec Lansing 4100 4.1 Piece Speaker Set
-Road Runner Cable Modem (I am going thru cat5 cable to a linksys cable router/firewall to access the internet.)
-Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP2 and all recent patches and updates.

Hope this all helps.

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  1. i get this too sometimes but for me its when my roadrunner cable is having problems (with roadrunner this is all the time). Normally this error occurs when you are getting some major packet loss, bring up the net_graph 3 and it will probably show a high loss.
    However if you say its not your isp, then i don't know. You could probably try adjusting your rate to 9000 or so since you have cable.
  2. It's ur internet connection. What that means is it is too slow.

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  3. <b>CL_FlushEntityPacket</b> (courtesy <A HREF="http:///" target="_new">PlanetHalfLife</A>)

    This is not an error <A HREF=" Connection Problem" target="_new">message</A>, but a developer message. It will most likely accompany this message. If not, it will still mean <A HREF=" Connection Problem" target="_new">that message</A>. So click <A HREF=" Connection Problem" target="_new">here</A> to read about it. cl_FlushEntityPacket means that Half-Life is getting rid of all the entities in the map. If you wait for a while, you should notice all players, decals, doors, etc..., will disappear. If you wait long enough and your connection recovers from lag (major packet loss), the action will then re-synchronize. When your connection re-synchronize commences, you start to see everything either gone, moving at great speeds, skipping or just appearing. Just resume playing. But be warned, you are having <A HREF=" Connection Problem" target="_new">this type of problem</A>.

    So it in my experience there is nothing to do other than to tweak your internet connection settings (both in Windows and in Half Life). Um.. let me find some likes for that:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Try this</A> if not just surf places like PlanetHalfLife and such. Hope this helps.

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