Hp w2207 lcd no audio out connected tops3

hi all,
I have my hp w2207 lcd monitor which is working well with my Compaq presario CPU. We all know that the built in speaker of this monitor is not that good so we need to plug speakers. the audio out from my HP monitor is working with my cpu.

My problem is, when i connected my Ps3 to this monitor (hdmi-to-hdmi), the audio out is NOT working. I mean, the built in speaker is working (small sound) but the speakers i am connecting to this monitor is not working even my headsets. same Hdmi cable i am using to connect this monitor to my cpu. I tried a lot of audio settings from my ps3 but still no use.

Is there someone experiencing the same problem like mine?
Please, I need your expert advice.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. hold on a minute, your are connecting a playstation3 to your monitor with HDMI then connecting some external speakers to the monitors audio output and expecting there to be sound?
    The monitor doesnt have an amplifier. Good luck.
  2. hi rob, thanks for your reply. Perhaps your correct. But why is it working ( the speaker and headset) when connected to my CPU? same connection. (connected to monitor)
  3. hi all, i'm glad to tell you that i have made my 2.1 speaker work with my ps3.
    1. I connected the HDMI cable ps3-hp monitor.
    2. And the default cable of ps3 with rca to my speaker with femaile 3.5mm jack.

    you juss need to buy rca-to-male 3.5mm jack.
    and it will work. thanks!
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