Wireless keyboard and mouse needed (range of about 5metres)

Hi there,

I am looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse to go with my computer as i have now hooked it up to my new LCD TV and want to be able to sit back in bed and use it. This is to be my first wireless keyboard and mouse and there are a hell of a lot out there so need some help and advice on which one to go for or any to avoid.

Range will be important to me, like a said in the title, about 5metres should cover it. Things like hot keys are useful and i do like them but aren't necessary. I really like the look of the Logitech Wave keyboard with mouse combo but reviews on it say the range isn't very good. It would be the max i would want to spend at £39.99 from amazon. Would prefer to spend a bit less to be honest around £30 for both keyboard and mouse.

Has anyone got any recommendations on what to go for. I should imagine i would reasonably level with the receiver but not necessarily all the time, what type of wireless connection would be best, 27mhz, RF, 2.4ghz. Also what is the difference between them?

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  1. i don't use wireless because i have no need but i don't think the logitech wave would be good to use while lying down in bed, the keys could be pretty awkward
  2. Whatever you choose just avoid the current generation Gyration keyboard / mouse combo.

    I'm looking at the Logitec DiNovo at the moment but that keyboard is over $150.
  3. If your system allows (if not many have a USB bluetooth adapter) go for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse... it should provide the coverage you need.

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