HDTV LCD's for PC Gaming/Multimedia

I'm looking for people that are familiar and currently using HDTV's (not large TN LCD Monitors) for PC Gaming and Multimedia applications to make a couple suggestions. Here are some factors I'd like to balance out in the suggestions:

1. Resolution (720p/1080p)
2. Price (looking for $349-$699)
3. Screen Type (LCD vs. Plasma)
4. Refresh (60hz Vs. 120hz Vs. v600hz)
5. Size (32"-46")

Depending on my application at the time, I may be anywhere from 4' away up to 10' away. Balance is key. My PC specs are good enough to run any current game (maybe save for Crysis) @ 1920x1080 at around 60-100 FPS at high settings. I also have a BDD in my computer, though don't have any movies for it yet; though it may be something I'm interested in the future. Most of the movies I watch are varying resolutions, streaming and local. Sound isn't really a factor as I can run things through an external sound solution, so speaker quailty of the HDTV is irrelelvant.

Basically what I'm looking for is the best bang for the buck up to $699 (doesn't necessarily mean it has to be $699, cheaper is okay too!)

The more opinions the better, but I would love to hear from people actually CURRENTLY using this type of setup, what they chose, why they chose it, and what they would have done differently if able to choose over again.

Thanks Guys n' Gals!
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  1. I got a nice Samsung to supplement my smaller LG and while the Samsung is great and all of my PC multimedia, PC gaming, HDTV viewing, Blu-Ray watching is done on the Samsung, generally, most of my standard PC stuff (if seated at desk) is still done on the smaller LG, it's just more comfortable when up real close. I do a lot from the couch though with wireless controllers and that's all on the Samsung.

    I guess what I am trying to convey is that the larger monitor might be uncomfortable up close.....unless you do some sort of lower resolution unscaled and centered......then again, if the closest you will get is 4', that may not be an issue.
  2. From what I see, Samsung is a bit outside my price range right now sadly enough.
  3. Check Costco, they carry Samsung and at a good price.

    I actually went down in size to a 27" in order to get a high quality monitor with all the features I needed rather then go up in size and lose features and quality of components.

    If I had to do it again, yeah, I would do the same thing.....I got the 27" inch Samsung for dirt cheap and I am 100% satisfied with it.
  4. From what I've seen, the price for size/spec ratio of Samsung's don't lend itself to the "Best Bang for the Buck" mantra... most of the models are premium priced, unless you know something I don't?
  5. well "best bang for the buck" covers a wide range depending on the persons requirements....for me I ended up with the Samsung after a long research and price comparing session, starting with no specific manufacturer in mind.

    In other words, I didn't go out looking for a Samsung I ended up with one after a long process as it was A) everything I required and B) very, very attractively priced.

    I ain't trying to sell you a Samsung or anything, you asked for opinions so I gave one......mostly about the large monitor being a bit uncomfortable when doing PC stuff.....

    Where are you getting your prices from? on the web, pricewatch and surprisingly enough amazon are pretty good and storefront, if you can get into a Costco good place to check and I really, really hate to say it but wal frikkin mart has had some deals in the past.....I hate to recommend a specific manufacturer, my thoughts are, go with a known name, know what to look for as far as specifications and just price check and shop around till something fits the bill....

    I have no personal experience with them but I have heard good things about Best Buys in store line....insignia or something like that? might be worth looking into....I think it's made by Funai who make quite a bit of stuff but I could be wrong about that.
  6. LG **LH3000
    LG **LH4000
    ** is size in inch
    on this models u can unlock USB for mkv player
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