Acer 24" lcd or Asus 24"

hi everyone , i cant deciden between this two monitors Acer P243WAid
or Asus ASUS VW246H
There is a 50 dollars difference. i really want acer but if i go with asus i will buy far cry 2.

what do you all think i should do?
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  1. The immediate difference between the two monitors is the resolution. The Acer's resolution is 1920 x 1200 (16:10 aspect ratio) while the Asus is 1920 x1080 (16:9 aspect ratio, that of HDTVs).

    Also, the Acer has free shipping while no free shipping is offered for the Asus so going with the Asus you will be saving between $30 - $40 depending on shipping charges.

    You can read my almost complete review for the Asus VK246H which is the same monitor as the VW246H, but it comes with a webcam. Overall, I would say it the VK246H is good for gaming.

    Here's my review:
  2. but is 1920x1080 better than 1920x1200? and would the acer be better for gaming than the VK246H??
  3. "Better" is all relative.

    In my case, the monitor will only be used sparingly so I wasn't very concerned by the resolution. The rebates brought it down to price of a 22" LCD so I figured I'll just buy it.

    If this monitor was gonna be used by me every single day then I would have bought a 1920 x 1200 monitor so I have more viewing area. Also, I would have spent $600 - $1,000 for a monitor that has better image quality instead of a mere $238.

    At the smaller resolution you might get a boost of 5% - 8% better performance in games, but your viewable area is also smaller.

    Which is better? On paper they are almost the same other than resolution. You're not gonna get a definitive answer unless you can find someone with both monitors. Otherwise read the opinions over at

    The Asus VW246H / VK246H should satisfy most average users and gamers, unless you want 1920 x 1200 resolution. Nearly all modern games should be able to handle 1920 x 1080, which games don't? I don't know. The oldest game I tested was Far Cry 1 (2003??) which seems to handle that res.
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