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hello, this will be my first post at this forum so please pardon my ignorance.

i was able to acquire a dell dimension 9100 the board on it is busted so i decided to buy a board. i bought a btx mobo on ebay which is intel d955xcs socket 775 1066fsb, im pretty sure that the power supply, memory, optical drives, and graphics card and processor still works. i know that the board wont fit perfectly on the case so i would have to take out on of the drive bay at the bottom and do a little modding for the i/o ports. i know i can buy an atx board and and case for cheap, but i want the challenge. i have a 1.5 tb hard drive sata( cant remember the brand i think its maxtor) ..

i guess my question is
on the mother board that i bought off ebay, what is the maximum processor that i can use? can it run core 2 duo or faster?or im stuck with the processor that came with the dimension 9100?

will this board and psu be able to handle the 1.5tb hdd?

whats a good graphics card for this specific set up? im planning on using this pc on gaming and home media center as well.

Thanks, your reply would be very much appreciated
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  2. Here is a link the the CPU support list. These have been tested and will work.

    Update the BIOS, and the latest SP and it should recognize the entire hard drive. Here's the newest BIOS download.

    It's got a PCIe x16 slot, so you can use any of the newer graphics cards. The PSU will play a role in what graphics cards you can use.
  3. Thank you for your reply... i did some reading and there are dual core cpu that runs on socket 775... since d955xcs board is a 775 socket will it work? the dual core cpu is not listed on the link.... also ive read that the d955xcs is compatible with ati crossfire... i have 2 ati x1300 graphics card and i was thinking of setting this up... i have all the components and parts.. honestly th only part that i bought is the mobo. thanks your replies would be very much appreciated.
  4. Yes, dual cores do use the 775 socket. However, not all 775 sockets will support CPUs of the same socket type. A BIOS flash may recognize some newer CPUs, but I didn't see any claims of that.

    Yes, it's crossfire capable.
  5. do you think two(2) ati x1300 will work? if yes can you tell me what to download to enable it? sorry if i ask to many questions. thanks
  6. They should work fine. You should have an option in the catalyst control center, to enable crossfire. It will look similar to this.
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