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I am using Philips 190S in the office. The pixel pitch according to the manual is 0.294 x 0.294 mm, it is a 4:3 display panel, optimum resolution is 1280*1024.

At home I am using LG L227WT which is a 16:10 22", optimum resolution is 1680*1050.

The difference between them is the size of the characters at optimum resolutions. Characters displayed on the Philips is visually bigger than that on the LG. What sort of pixel pitch is the best for a 16:10 22" LCD? Are there any 21" LCD still in the market? I don't mind to spend a bit more to go for a 24" but I want larger looking characters on it. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the pixel pitch.
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  1. It has to do with the amount of pixel being displayed on the phyiscal size of the monitor. Text will be smaller on a 24" than on a 22" LCD. There are 30.6% more pixels in a 24" LCD monitor than in a 22" monitor. However, the 24" LCD monitor is less than 30.6% larger than a 22" monitor.

    If you want a 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor with larger text then you'll need to look at 26" - 28" LCD monitors.
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